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Laughlin, Nv. River Run


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Today begins the annual Roddin' On The River run held at Don Laughlin's Riverside Resort. Both Funtana and Choptana are entered. They are number 308 and 309 so this years event will have about 400-500 cars and trucks. Yes, other mini trucks have entered in the past. Also Z cars and even a street rod roadster was entered with an L20 a few years back! I know it's quite a drive for most of You but if You have the weekend off, I'd love to see You there. Room rates are lower and it is still over 100 degrees to get that one last weekend of River Sun before winter hits!! Most of You know how to reach Me so if You come, look Me up.

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Here are a couple of photos. The front view was taken Saturday and the rear on Sunday. They gave the "best mini truck" trophy to (get this) a 1964 Ford Falcon pickup!!! You can only imagine what thoughts were going through My head on that decision. I stayed around for the whole trophy presentation and then they announced the next trophy called "wild thing" for the strangest vehicle at the run................. Entry # 309, Mike Lepker, 1979 chopped Datsun pickup!!!!! I couldn't believe it!!! Well, those of You that know Me would probibly guess that that trophy fits!!!!! Anyway, they liked the overall look with the "strange" exhaust and lettering on the spoiler. See You guys next year?!?!???? It really is a very nice run with the Colorado River right there. I would like to see some of You guys here some year!!





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congrats steroid, that thing deserves the strange thing award, jk, great job of reppin, let me know for next year i'll see how far i am with 70's flashback, she goes into body and paint next week, finally after 2 years of gatherin parts, i'll be gettin with u real soon on the flares, possibly a visor too,:D good job buddy hope to see ya soon..:)

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