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KA Engine Swap Fuel Pump Wiring


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Hey guys, I stole my KA24E from my 1994 D21 and I'm taking all of the wiring from the nissan and putting it in my Datsun. However, I was trying to take the fuel pump harness out of it today, and it wouldn't come out without removing the bed and dropping the tank...so I did the most horrible thing on earth....and cut the wires. No big deal I thought, I would just splice everything together...until I found 2 black wires... There are 4 total wires, a yellow/green, yellow/brown, white/blue and then the 2 blacks. Are these both grounds? What happens if I don't get them correct? Thanks for the help!

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Mike, I went over to a friends and Ohm'd it out, I had 4 blacks to figure out and we ruled out one because it was a heavier gauge than the others, and then 2 of them went to the same connector, and I had 2 on one side, so that took care of that leaving just the one. It looks like they are all grounds, but it's good to know they're all good to go. Thanks for the help man!

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