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Reproduction fender fitment........


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The el cheapo datsun repro panels have a bit of a rep for not fitting so good. I have no experience with the 620 stuff, but I've seen the 1200 stuff fitted, and it's not fantastic.

Can anyone who has fitted repro fenders to their truck tell me what/where the fitment wasn't so good?

I had a new front grafted onto my truck. And there seems to be a bit of a gap between the front edge of the door, and the rear vertical edge of the door. I think the fender might be able to slide back, but it's going to need the face where the two bolts behind the headlight bolt to driven back with a block of wood, and a BFH. The fenders are second hand repro ones.

Since my truck is made from two trucks, it's to be expected that nothing will be straight forward. Although given that it was punched in the snout, I would have expected that gap to be too small.

So maybe it's the fenders themselves not helping?

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I bought both fenders from rockauto.   Driver side fender fit was great. But the passenger was terrible and pre-dented. I had to cut some of the fender support to get the fender to seat correctly. I also had to push the bottom of the fender further down and ran self drilling screws where the old screws broke off to make body lines match . It was a pain in the ass but it looks good.  



i had to grind support on backside of fender to seat properly 



I replaced broken bolts or misdrilled holes with self drilling screws 1/2 to 3/4 in length


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