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'61 Beetle, '85 RX-7 GS, '91 RX-7 TII

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Here's some oics of some of the stages of building the '61 Beetle.

This is off the trailer. Pans are gone, heat channels have to be replaced, part of package tray rotted out. Fenders, decklid, trunk, etc removed and cleaning started. No interior, no lights but came with glass and ragtop mechanism.



After removing the body from the pan. These are the new pans in place and before and after finishing the pan. Drop spindles, 6" narrowed beam, no front shocks, new king and link pins, '67 transaxle, Corvette rear shocks, stainless brake lines, new hardlines, brakes, drums, master. Dropped two clicks in the rear with notched spring plates.



All of the mess at one point. Pans and under body sealed with rust proofing. Holes patched, kitty haired. Added '58 doors, '54 decklid. Patched hole in dash. Loaner motor while finishing up axle boots and completing the assembly.



Used a '72 1600 dual port for the basis of the motor. 87mm pistons, alternator conversion, electronic ignition. Completed 1641 motor



Finished up. All glass, window seals, used interior, no carpet, no insulation. Wiring hooked up and everything functional. Built it in 2012 and since then have replaced both rear hubs, oil cooler seals, gas line through the tunnel broke. Had to replace it and run it under the pan.



1961 VW ragtop Beetle, 6" narrowed beam, dropped 2 clicks, 1641 motor, 1700 pound clutch, '67 trans, '54 decklid, '58 doors and about to add '52 tail lights.


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Thanks, I appreciate it. I love that old junky heap. Beetle's, Datsun's and RX-7's have always been my passion. I sold this Beetle and got the 240 because I was wanting a Datsun again. The plan was a 510, 610 or 710. But I always wanted a 240 so I went with that. I also got rid of a '60 Beetle Rat Bug I was going to build.


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Sorry, I gotta keep that. I love that car. Got it in '01. I have plans for some new stuff for it. But I keep wasting the money on VW's and now Datsun's, hahaha..

Got a lot of RX-7 parts too.

13B NA rotor housings, front, center and rear plates.



A set of 10th Anniversary tail lights. And S4 rear bumper cover. I've got a trash can full of S4 mass air meters, a lot of injectors, shafts, coil packs, distributors etc, etc.


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I finally finished up my BBS Mahle wheels and got them on my FB.

They are correct 4x110 pattern and made for the RX-7 and they are 15x7.

I left the centers alone. I stripped the clear coat off of the lips and sanded and polished them. I sealed them with Shark Hide and bought the correct valve stems and some BBS lug nuts.





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My projects other than my 240Z have had a few things done lately as well. With Black Dragon closing I took advantage of the low prices and replaced all of my door weatherstripping, window scrapers and hatch struts. Plus changed oil and plugs and cleane the K&N breather just routine stuff.




And the '61 Kafer has had '53 heart tail lights (one year only) added and I got some extended rear spring plates to install to get the toe in corrected on the rear. Plus some caster shims for the front beam. Once this is installed the car can be driven on wet roads. As it is now if the road is wet it's just like driving on ice. Plus the bald ass tires from the rear camber make it worse. I have a new set for it also.

If you like any of this junk I post my cars, guitars, art and other stupid crap on instagram @thumpgun1 and also #zeroscc and #streetpanzersltd



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