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  1. thumpgun

    My 73 240Z Timeline

    Thanks for the likes and comments! Much appreciated. I got my Watanabe R's, lug nuts and valve stems. I haven't gotten tires yet and I'm going to wait until I'm ready to install the wheels before buying them. I also installed a new fuel pump. The previous new one didn't work.
  2. thumpgun

    My 73 240Z Timeline

    Got the cover finished and ready to go on the car. It looks good and has some character I couldn't sand off of it. I'd like to have another one.
  3. thumpgun

    My 73 240Z Timeline

    I finally was able to get a Japanese L6 cover. I'm stoked and I really like these. It's going to get painted but I wanted to go ahead and add it to the thread. I'll still take another one if reasonably priced or I have parts to trade.
  4. thumpgun

    My 73 240Z Timeline

    My T3 coil overs arrived today. I got the MSA sway bar kit a few weeks ago. We're going to start the installation when the heat and humidity ease off a bit. A lot of work to do in the coming weeks. Once the wheels arrive I'll order some tires.
  5. thumpgun

    My 73 240Z Timeline

    Got a few more of my parts in. The Cusco strut tower braces and the Fujitsubo stainless exhaust. I've got a few more things ordered that will be here eventually. Then I can finally get started with the installation process. I'll post some more when the other parts get here.
  6. thumpgun

    510 guy just got a 240z....now what?

    Very nice car! It's such good shape. Getting a score like that is always nice! I have a '73 and I'm hoping to acquire another '73 possibly soon so I'll have another large hole to throw money into all the time :thumbup: Great car! I hope to see more about it!
  7. thumpgun

    My 73 240Z Timeline

    I got a repop competition steering wheel and Japanese style hood emblem. I also ordered my T3 coilovers, Fujitsubo exhaust, strut tower braces and Watanabe R's. I'll post some pics of the stuff when it gets here and gets installed. The wheels take 4 months to arrive.
  8. thumpgun

    My 73 240Z Timeline

    I'm old and love carbs as well. All of my cars are carbed except my TII RX-7. I'm not very good at tuning them. I still need some help with that. I don't know really. I figured most people liked fuel injection better. Almost finished. Have to shorten accelerator torsion arm to fit the linkage. Then a buddy of mine that is going to get them tuned sweet.
  9. thumpgun

    My 73 240Z Timeline

    I'm about to start on my new project of putting Weber triples on my car. I wanted Mikuni's but I figured parts and sources would be easier with Weber's. And they are somewhat less expensive. This is actually something I wanted to add later on down the line. I decided to go ahead and do it now. I got them from Carbs Unlimited. I also got the Weber filters that you can run over the velocity stacks.
  10. thumpgun

    My 73 240Z Timeline

    I finally got a set of OE headlight covers. Super stoked. Need a little work but not bad.
  11. thumpgun

    best brake pads

    Brake Pad Code Guide Here's a link to brake pad codes http://faculty.ccbcmd.edu/~smacadof/DOTPadCodes.htm Duralast Gold - FE Duralast Max - FF Nissan Ceramic - FF Toyota Ceramic - FG Akebono ProAct Ceramic- FG Wagner ThermoQuiet Semi-Met - FG Wagner ThermoQuiet Ceramic- GG Akebono Performance Ceramic - GG Performance Friction Carbon Metallic - GG I've posted this on some other forums. If you haven't seen it it may help you with some insight on pads.
  12. thumpgun

    got my 240z and got my ratsun account

    175/R14 was stock tire size. The 185 or 195/70/14 will work. On my '73 240Z I have 195/70/14's on my 14x6 wheels. On my '85 RX-7 I have 195/50/15's on 15X7 wheels.
  13. thumpgun

    My 73 240Z Timeline

    Thanks Ranman for the reply. It is the antenna switch. I posted it somewhere in there after I got it to work. I still can't figure out where it is supposed to be mounted. I've looked at numerous interior photos online, etc. All that loose wiring is where previous owner installed new dash and left it all hanging out. Since trying to move it it has made my fan switch not work and the stereo stopped working. But it made the antenna work :) hahahaha. The cardboard glove box interior is also missing so they put a new fuse box in and it's lying in there instead of the console. I have to move it back to the console location. I just really hate messing with wiring because I'm completely lost on it. And who knows what will stop working if I move it. The wiring is not right. When you turn the ignition switch on the parking lights come on regardless and are always on even without the light switch. So I have wiring to work on when I finally take the time to try and trace it down and figure it out.
  14. thumpgun

    Recommendations on 432 rear spoiler

    MSA wanted to see photos of the bolt poking through. I sent them so they could review it. They said they finish is like that. You have to finish them yourself. I told them they should mention that on the site in the description. They were very nice and easy to deal with and have send me a return shipping label and are giving me a refund. I still would eventually like to have a nice 432 style spoiler for my car someday. If anyone runs across anything like that please let me know. Or at least one that doesn't require a lot of finishing work, sanding and putty to make it usable.
  15. thumpgun

    got my 240z and got my ratsun account

    Mine are some older Goodyear Invicta 195 75 14's on front and some cheapo tires on back that are 195 70 14. They were on the car when I got it 2 years ago. I'm not planning on buying any until I get new wheels. I'd just search the size you need online and see what you can find. Probably not a lot of premium companies making 14's anymore at a guess. I like the Libre's they're very cool and classic looking. Even if I got new wheels I'd keep them put back.

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