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Hi volume KA oil pump


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Finally got a high volume oil pump today!! Last week a KA truck showed up, (it's a small yard so I know all the guys there and it's pretty relaxed) Told them I needed an oil pump for my L20B, $10?, sure! Took it out and like an idiot I put it in right there instead of at home. Drive spindle fell out and fucked up the distributor timing, CRAP. Used hains's 'look through the oil filler hole' at the cam, got her TDC, set rotor to #1 (was almost 180 out?) Two more tries turning the spindle to get it right and Varoom!


Previously I got one from a KA with a rod through the block, but it had metal chips in it and the rotors were all ground up. I did measure the rotors and found that they are 14% longer than the stock L and Z oil pumps. No way can you tell from the outside, but once off, look down beside the the spindle at the outlet hole and you can easily see the top of the longer rotor. You can't see the rotor on the smaller ones. (or barely)


The before pressure at hot idle was about 17 now it's about 29!!! This on a 300,000 Km L20B. Running pressure is just under 60. $10!


BTW, these high volume pumps also come on the 280zx turbo automatics (good luck) and the LD28 Maxima to name a few. The KAs are more common.


This beats two Bosch hi/low headlights with bulbs, for the 620, for $5 last week.

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I think i'll put a ka pump on my LZ, shit, i think i have one laying around somewhere too. You know if the KAE 240's are the same? I'm almost positive they are.


I was VERY close to having a set of amber bosch fog lights yesterday, but someone broke them out in the yard...punk ass kids!

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If it's RWD(edited) external pump, probably is. Once off it's easy to check by looking into the outlet port, you'll see the rotor.


Yeah I saw one on a Mercedes, and that was the problem there was only one. I took the Bosch units home and put my Silverstar bulbs in them. Mmmmm

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Here is the comparison between the hi-vol pump and the regular one used in all L and Z series 4s. It's from a KA motor that threw a rod through the block. Metal particles ground the rotors pretty bad. The oil pump is a good thing to check when buying a motor and should not be re-used from a blown one.




The regular rotor is 1.380" the hi vol is 1.570" or 0.18" or about 3/16" taller. By my math that's a 13.76% increase in length. The pump bodies are identical in length and are bored deeper (toward the engine) to fit the longer rotors. If you were to look down the larger oval shaped hole just to the left of the drive spindle, (sorry the pictures aren't so good, but you get the picture) you could easily see the taller rotors to identify it..

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