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Need pics of DCH-340 cable linkage bracket on manifold

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I'm pretty sure its original - the monkeys that were working on this poor 620 either cobbled existing stuff or stripped it off and threw it away.


It is so mangled, to bend it back, I'll have to heat with torch since it would surely work harden and crack.  (There were stamped gussets for what appears to be a 90 degree bend - and they totally flattened that bend!  So there is a bit of rework involved.  The cable is at least 1" too far aft with the current boogered bracket.  I should probably just figure where I want it and bend accordingly, but, I like to see stuff the way it was supposed to be - you know, unharmed by human hands!)


But I will keep this in mind.  I've been trolling Google images and have only found one pic that is not from a useful vantage point.

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