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620 ka24de fuel line help


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I used the stock return line on the truck connected to the stock system on the motor. Both metal tubes are right there at the frame rail (below the filter in the pic). Be sure you hook them up correctly or it will not run.




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I don't have that second line... On the bottom of the tank at the passenger rear wheel side there is an outlet which is where I believe you hooked your fuel pump at. Then at the top of the tank there looks like there is an inlet. There is a hose connected that goes up to some sort of box that is located up at the top of the rear passenger wheel well. Looks like another hose coming out that heads up toward the front of the truck. What is the box up in the wheel well?

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The line on the other frame rail is for your charcoal canister.


The box inside the well is the vent for the fuel inlet. Looks like someone rigged something up as that longer metal line looks not right to me.




This tank is a 77 and has 3 lines at the top, what year is your truck?







You can see here what I mean about the steel lines, they are all 2" nipples. That long metal line in your pic of the fender well box is the one that looks funny to me.







I will try to get a picture of the routing and the 'box' on my truck tonight.


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If all else fails, you can do what I saw some carbureted mustang to EFI converions did.  They cut a section of the filler neck out and added a T where the return line was added and reconnected with some big hose (I would assume fuel compatible).


Keep in mind fuel injection systems don't like air bubbles where with carburetors you would never notice the difference sucking in some air when the fuel is low and the tank is sloshing.  Generally, you shouldn't get less than a quarter tank if you run a carbureted tank with a fuel injected engine.


Another solution is to build a surge tank.  It is an intermediate tank in between the stock fuel tank and engine.  It takes a low pressure fuel pump to feed the tank and a high pressure pump to pull from the surge tank and feed the engine. 


Here's an article on the subject:



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