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Holy crap - the car.

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Hey guys, I've lurked here for over a year and love the community that has been built here. My name is D'Arcy and I am the proud owner of a 1972 rust pile 240Z. I have loved these cars for ages and when I came across it a few years ago I just had to buy it regardless of its condition. After a couple years of life getting in the way and it sitting doing nothing under my ownership I have finally started work on it and you guys are the ones who get exclusive build thread!


I won't make this too wordy, forums love pictures.



















Those are all the pictures from the day after I picked it up.

The good: It's a Datsun 240Z

The bad: Almost all of the interior is shot, the floors are almost gone (pic on that soon), the engine has compressions but hasn't run in years, the fuel system is unknown. Basically this thing needs a ground up restoration... But I want to drive it!


So after two years I'm finally working on it. I pulled the seats and all of the house grade carpet that the PO had put in. That was nasty. Oh I also ended up moving it into a workshop that I'm also rebuilding on my family farm.

















This car started out life as #113 green and I'm eventually going to take it back to that. First and foremost I need need need to get replacement floor pans from Zeddfinding because this thing is practically a Flinstones car.


Here in Calgary Alberta these cars are pretty rare to see on the road and even rarer to find in the junk yard, so when I heard there was one I had to go grab some stuff off it. I snagged the inspection lids and took out a good L28 and five speed transmission. My plan is to blueprint the L28, swap on triple Weber DCOE carbs (I don't care how some people feel, they look cool) and then swap that in.










That's my story, and that's my project. No plans to go crazy with it. Just going to restomod it into something that I can love and drive for the rest of my life!

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Oh absolutely. I'll be doing nearly all the work on this myself for better or for worse. The other car you see in the couple pictures is my Porsche 924 Turbo which I've owned since '09. I might be new to the board but I've been in automotives for over 7 years now selling parts for a Ford dealer, Also I've been wrenching on cars/trucks/tractors with my dad for even longer.


One of the things I love most about the 240z is that comparatively speaking the parts are cheap so I should hopefully have no issues with boxes of parts but no money.


My plan over the winter is to roll it into my dads shop and do the floor pans, clean the fuel system, reseal the carbs and do the u-joints in the axles and driveshaft. Fingers crossed that I can have this thing on the road for summer.


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you got a good start going. you'll love your 240 when u finally get it dialed in. you'll probably hate it until then tho! id suggest getting out and meeting al the datsun ppl u can. go for a few rides in already done Z cars to keep you pumped. 

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