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im not familiar with these cars but seeing that its front wheel drive, try remove the axle from the right hub and spin the hub and see what happens.

if the hub spins freely then try turning the axle by hand and see what happens

maybe it has something to do with you moving those lines and is trans related?

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One idea - the F10 has  a somewhat complex shift linkage, so it seems possible the shift lever feels like it is neutral, but the tranny actually is in gear. I can't quite remember the layout of the clutch slave cylinder, but I think there is an external arm that you may be able to pry in or out enough to release the clutch. Or go ahead and fix the clutch hydraulics so you are sure the clutch is disengaging even if the tranny is in gear. There is also that F10 weirdness with a pushrod from the clutch slave arm into the pressure plate. There was a question about that here on Ratsun awhile back if you do a search for F10 clutch.


But then it occurs to me that when I first found my F10, the right front wheel was stuck. We disconnected the brake line at the wheel cylinder and broke the hub loose with a piece of pipe. Twice since then when I have left the F10 sitting for several months at a time, the wheel is stuck again.  I've sprayed PB Blaster around the caliper and broke the hub loose. I've never gotten around to putting on a new caliper and pads, but have assumed that would solve the problem.


Now reading about your problem, I'm wondering if I really have a sticky brake or the problem is something else. Looking in the Factory Service Manual, there are two sealed bearings between the wheel hub and the half shaft (axle). I suppose those bearings could seize up. Then there are the CV joints on the half shaft. I have no idea if those can bind to the point the half shaft won't turn, but maybe.  So as dime'n daily said, you probably need to remove the half shaft and see how the two hub bearings are. If you don't have a book showing how everything comes apart, I can copy the pages from the FSM and send them. It shows using a special puller on the outside of the wheel hub, but there may be a way to do it without the puller.



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Great to know you ended up with a simple fix. I was thinking maybe I needed to investigate if I have a bad front wheel bearing on my F10. I'll do a fix on the caliper, or replace.


My wife's car quit last week and she doesn't want to drive her 12 MPG Ford 3/4 ton the 23 miles to work. So today she took my 510 and got along fine with it (except for no AC on the drive home with temp in the upper 90s). After she left this morning I was looking at the F10  thinking I might need to make it my daily. But I really don't feel like working on it when it is this hot. I should have fixed the throttle cable and some other minor issues when it was cooler.



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