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Putting a 78 B210 63A transmission in my 80 210, Questons?


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I am in the middle of putting a 63A dogleg 5 speed out of a 78 B210 into my 80 210. It didn't come with the clutch release lever and spring, the throwout bearing collar and spring, or the speedo pinion and I thought mine from the 60 5speed would swap but they wont. Can anyone tell me if these parts from another Datsun will work? I am not having any luck locating these.




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The small spring or clip that sits in the clutch arm and holds onto the pivot ball is found on the PL510, PL521 610, all 620s, 710, 720, 810/Maxima, S10 and A10 . 30534-21000


The release bearing for the 80 210 is the same as for the B210 dogleg and is also used on all 71B 4 and 5 speeds


Speedo sleeve is the big plug that holds the plastic pinion gear. Good news is that the sleeve is used on the PL510, 521, early 620, 610, 710, S10, A10. Find out how many teeth are on the pinion and you can buy the correct one for the dogleg.



About the clutch arm. The release collar may be unique to the smaller clutch disc (release bearing is common and easy) and the arm fingers that hold it may also be different. The clutch arm part number is unique to the B210 and there is no other arm that will swap by numbers. Now it may be that the clutch arm from a 200sx or any F4W63 4 speed will also work and it's only the collar that is different. .

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