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New Roadster owner from Pacific Northwest


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I'm a "Subaru Guy" but have always had a special place in my heart for Datsuns. So I was finally able to pull the trigger on this little thing! I absolutely love the look of these little guys and they are such a blast to drive.


Its a 1966 Roadster 1600 with a pretty solid engine. The body has a few rust bubbles in the rear quarter panels and stuff... and I've never had a classic/project car before so this will be a pretty big learning curve for me. But I'm super excited to have this thing for a long time and while slowly upgrading things.








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Nice ride.  Join 311s.org for all things Roadster.  Make sure that you attend the Shedd BBQ in August too. All Roadsters, all day long. We had 36 all together last year and should break the 40 car mark this year.

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Thanks everybody!



Wow, that thing looks like it's in great shape!!  Welcome to Ratsun :)  What are your plans with it?


Right now i just want to enjoy it, and keep it on the road. Once I gather up the funds I would like to get it into the body shop get rid of the rust and put a new layer paint on her. 

The interior needs a little work too, I'm not a fan of the previous owner's choice of keyless ignition and powered windows. Would like to get it back to stock interior.

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Let me know if you need window regulators and what not.  I have a 67 parts car with that stuff still in it and a few sets of extra doors.

PM me for my email and ph #


aka exit64

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