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Stupid mistake, need crankshaft pulley bolt off


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I've removed pulleys on engines laying out on the ground. Place on it's side on the ground and use a long Johnson bar and socket on the pulley bolt. Or even a piece of pipe over a ratchet. to extend it (use 1/2" drive) Make sure it's set to loosen.... counter clockwise. Make sure nothing is in your way.


Half of the trick is to use the inertia of the crank pistons and rods and flywheel (put one on if it off) to resist the bolt when it's turned suddenly. The compression also helps somewhat.


The other half is to step down suddenly and violently on the bar snapping the bolt loose before it can spin the crank.


Wear work boots to protect your foot and make damn sure you are not going to kick something and hurt your foot. Set the bar at 45 degrees and kick it downward. Hard and very fast.


If you have an air impact wrench use that. The bolt is tightened 100-120 ft lbs.

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