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First Datsun project 74' 260z daily driven/Auto-x

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So i'm a 19 year old college student from long island and if you don't know z cars are almost extinct here. I've been searching for almost 3 years for the right car and this past march i found a car to start the build. It's a 1974 260z i bought it off an older japanese man in brooklyn(who better to buy it from) off ebay. The plans are to keep daily driving this thing and getting some auto-x time in too. So this is how i bought her alittle rough but for the northeast and for the price irs not the worst. 




As you can see there is tons of work ahead of me but that's what its all about!

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So about 2 months after owning the car I hit a deer on the highway doing 60 and thankfully it went under the car instead of over but it still did damage. Blew out the radiator a/c condenser and the lower radiator support. Just what i need come car show season. So the oem radiator was like $250 so i figure why not get the Mishimoto aluminum one for $315 and i found all the lower valence pieces from someone on eBay that guy was a life saver.




So while the car was out of comission waiting on the radiator and valence parts to come in i figured id make a show shift knob to match my steering wheel. I've never seen a golf club as one before so I went for it.

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So as i waited for the parts to come in i figured i should get to some body work while she was in the garage. I really just wanted to fix the drivers side front fender because it was the biggest eyesore on the car. So with a little persuasion a new piece of sheet metal and some bondo its almost perfect. Thanks to Kemperle for the color match its perfect. So the radiators in some body work done and the front valence put back together and i fabbed up a license plate bar to fill the hole where the bumper used to be. Off to some car meets/shows and more car parts are on the way including wheels and some flares!


Fits like a glove big thanks to mishimoto for this excellent radiator temps don't move!



its not pretty but its gonna do for now.




sorry for poor iphone quality but you get the point. i'd say 5% of the body work complete for the whole car.


License plate bar made from a piece of steel for some reason i have no pictures of it on the car. will provide one shortly if i remember.

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So some more bad luck with the car finally got it up and running for 2 or 3 weeks and now the head gasket went. Made a nice puffy cloud on my way to work filled it up with water after work and drove her home to start the disassembling. With further disassembling i found some good stuff if you can't tell from the picture. So i'm gonna pull the head off and send it for a full rebuild all new everything. Hope to get to autocross at least one time this summer. Wheels are on the way and flares are in  the garage. All ill say about the wheels is they are wide! Basing it off some stuff i've seen around the forums. One car in particular is Ben280. If you haven't seen his build you should its awesome! 

Some nice oil!!



Find The difference?


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So I've been really behind on updating this but I've come a long way since the last time i posted. well lets see. I started the main build process September 1st and the goal was to make it to H20i in ocean city Maryland by the 28th. That left me with 27 days to do almost a full resto. For all of you that don't know H20i is a huge car show in ocean city Maryland where all the "Stance" kids meet up and take over the city. I'm not going for the Stance look but i mean its a Datsun who doesn't appreciate it! So that was my goal. Heres what needed to be done. RockerPanels, holes in floor pan, rear hatch rust, fill rear bumper holes, full body work dents scratches etc., full fender flare set up, front airdam, full paint job, mock up wheels to find tires, and address all other problems. Seemed impossible considering im a full time student and work part time so i had a feeling i wasn't going to finish but heres the before pictures.










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It's a lot harder then it looks to just take the wiz wheel and hack up the wheel well but it had to be done. Lots of measuring to ensure they will be perfect on both sides. This is my first night working on it and its already kicking my ass. But its a datsun what do you expect lol. But progress is being made.


The antenna cable runs through the drive side just saying


Mocking up the fronts just to see how it would look!!!


And the back to because why not! Gonna be Fat


More pictures of the ugly mess i have to deal with above the passenger tail light.



More Cutting and measuring. Tokico lower springs incase you wanted to know



this excites me! WIDE WIDE WIDE WIDE


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Next time out there i got the front fenders off and doors off for rocker panel install and to do the front fender body work.



YUMMY who doesnt love some good rust


Hacked up the passenger side got it all welded closed and filled where the bumper indent was.





Got some duraglass on the drivers side to smooth out the edge and fix the imperfections.



Bottom on the front fender looking good! :/


One beat up scratched and keyed door with the locks riveted on..


Went 3 for 3 on breaking headlight bucket studs!


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Well time for the rocker panel install. Figured id use as much of the new metal as possible so i cut everything out of the old one. These are from BlackDragonAuto.com beautiful pieces of metal.






All Tack welding in exactly how i wanted it!




Going to butt it up where the seam used to be and youll never know i was even here!



Next on the list would be this and this and this!!




Had this monza exhaust under my bed that came with the car i figured why not so i slapped looks and sounds really good!


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On my way to school gonna test fit some tires on this bad boy. I heard you guys like them wide ;)


And with a 235/60/15 on the 15x11 its looks beefy for awhile thought it was to balloonish but it grew on me and you'll see why!!!



Its alittle bigger then the supra wheel i had on before  :thumbup:



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So i forgot to take pictures but i finished up the driver rocker panel and finished the rear wheel wells. Sprayed the door jams and rocker panels and prepped the rear for paint. Its a 2 stage base coat clear coat. I'm pretty sure it was deltron paint but it was color matched and wasnt cheap. I was going to go for a single stage cause i don't wanna keep the red but I figured might as well go balls to the wall.









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Well After a month of long nights I bolted the fender flares on thursday morning went to class then got in the car and left. Hoping there was no rubbing problems or anything. I picked up my friend and off we went 400miles in my 1974 260z hoping it would make it. Let me tell you these little cars amaze me i hammered this thing at 70-80 for 400 straight miles not even a hiccup. Drives straight as an arrow and surprisingly smooth. I would be afraid to drive this thing across country. H20i was one of the greatest experiences of my life so many great people made a couple datsun friends. If you have the chance look it up and go because you wont be disappointed. Thousands of cars everything from a Ferrari f40 to a rb30 240z. Well heres a couple pictures of my car down in Ocean City!! P.s i made itttttttt such a good feeling. I did blow a fuel line while i was down there but i scrapped up enough line and fittings to make it work till i got home. Thanks to the help of a great community of car people.







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