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1969 510 horn button removal

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I have tried my hardest to search, I have failed, and now im asking.


I have a 69 dime, The steering wheel is too big for the size of the car / size of the tires / size of my gut. Not looking to go crazy, but a 14" would suit me better. I think I'm okay with the actual changing of the wheel, but I don't know how to get the horn button/cover off. It probably just pops off, but I don't want to go ganking on 45 year old plastic without at least knowing that's what im supposed to do.


Currently my wheel and cover are pretty mint, so I don't want to destroy them taking them off. My car will probably never go back to stock, but why wreck anything I don't need to.

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I haven't tried it yet, have to work the ol desk job for another 1/2 hour then im going to the car.


Do the pics I posted look anything like your 71? Methinks their all the same


I hope so, that would be super easy. Thanks for the help

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got the steering wheel off last night, piece of cake. Thanks for walking me through it. Need to order up a hub so I can get my newer smaller one on. New wheel has less dish so well see how it stack up compared to the stock one after the hub.

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