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1994 Toyota Hilux Tacho not working

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Hey guys, i know sweet f*ck all about the tacho on a hilux and obviously it isnt working at all, i have no clue where the coil is as its being a diesel from my knowledge they dont have them, so can i just tap into a wire on a ln106r and feed it straight to the tacho or? any help would be appreciated

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I know nothing about the HiLux but just maybe that Diesel uses a mechanically driven tach? The early Datsun roadsters had an extended distributor shaft with a cable takeoff to the tach. That tach was essentially a speedometer driven from the distributor, not the driveshaft, so was calibrated in engine RPM. Ancient history but it worked, a tachometer that didn't depend on magnetic pickups and was dead accurate. Hope you get a more knowledgible response!

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