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  1. EatLag

    Will this radiator fit a 720?

    hey guys i went for some mud fun on the weekend and sunk a fin or two into my radiator, i got quoted 300-400 dollars to get it recored or a new one for $306, and its primarily used as a bush basher/4wd so i dont really want to fork out 300 bucks for a radiator, so what is one out of another car that pretty much fits straight up? and would this one here fit? http://www.ebay.com/itm/BRAND-NEW-OE-QUALITY-RADIATOR-94-93-92-91-90-89-88-87-86-PATHFINDER-D21-V6-3-0-/251383691352
  2. Hey guys, i know sweet f*ck all about the tacho on a hilux and obviously it isnt working at all, i have no clue where the coil is as its being a diesel from my knowledge they dont have them, so can i just tap into a wire on a ln106r and feed it straight to the tacho or? any help would be appreciated
  3. it could be out of anything tbh dude, the parts are mixed and matched out of tons of shit
  4. I can't find anything on their, it doesnt help the parts have been mixed and matched,
  5. do i have to drop the transfer case to find that thing, or is it on the outside?
  6. well im fucked, the transfer case and transmission are the same thing, its just one long ass mother f*****, i tried reversing 20 feet and reefing on it, it doesnt moves hubs locked in or not nothing,
  7. indicator switch, what do you mean the fuse or what?
  8. i've tried everything, apparently according to the mechanic its seized up or some shit and its going in on tuesday
  9. Now before you all say, why not just buy a datsun, well i have one a fucking awesome one but i recently got a hilux, or in "merica" they call them a toyota pickup, anyway with the hubs in or out, any gear i can not budge the mother fking, 4wd stick wont budge the slightest, whats the best way to fix said pain in the ass rendering from mud fun?
  10. i know a bloke that made his own, if i got all the shit he might weld it for me, so you wreckon everything out of a d22?
  11. can i get steering gear from anything else?, i doubt any junkyard 720's will have the steering gear
  12. Looked up that part, said to myself fuck that, il just go to a scrap yard and pull shit of different cars, what am i going to need?
  13. I don't think so wayno, i was gunna attempt to create my own but i wouldnt know where to start
  14. Righto, im a relatively small built guy, and i got myself a 83' 720 with a z24 I love the car and im looking to fit these http://www.gumtree.com.au/s-ad/upper-caboolture/wheels-tyres-rims/4x4-wheels/1037760492 what i want to know is, how much harder is it going to turn when im going say 5 - 10 km/h on the bitumen, and can the transfer case, transmission, and diffs handle these bigger wheels?
  15. EatLag

    z24 Alternator Wiring HELP?!?!? (Kinda Urgent)

    Righto, i want to try everything before i take it to a auto electrician because its going to cost me mega bucks :/, apparently although its a z24 the alternator is externally regulated so i think that parts fucked aswell

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