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Question about 4-5speed B310 transmission.


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hey, today i just swapped my B310 60 series 4 speed from my Van into a B310 60 series 5 speed from USA.

Everything bolted on perfect and is in great condition, changed the crossmember and new rubber between.


But i got questions about some wiring... look at these pictures:




I changed the nice wiring from my 4 speed into 5 speed, but the 5 speed has these extra yellow wirings that

my 4 speed didn't have, what are these wirings for? is it some extra or something? would be great to know!


The clean is 5 speed, the dirty is 4 speed.



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Some B310 MT (manual transmission) models de-activated EGR when in nuetral or in top gear. This made use of the transmission Nuetral switch and transmission Top switch to electrically operate a bleed switch.


This switch is only needed if you are still using the EGR system. See http://datsun1200.com/modules/mediawiki/?title=EGR#Vacuum_Switching_Valve

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I did just testdrive the 5 speed. Guess i gotta leak out alittle oil because i heard some "swirling drowning" noise everytime i clutch, we did put alittle more

for safety reasons, some dl over 1,2l, i heard some beating noise but that was only the exhaust hitting the floor.


Seems nice, but IF, do some of u have some tips for what sounds to listen for? bad, good?

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1.2 liter is for a dry gearbox.


For safety, place the car on level surface, remove filler plug and let the extra oil run out. When it stops it is the correct level.

U mean the one one on the side? we filled 1,5L and tried to empty it, but when i removed it, nothing came out...


So no noices i should pay extra attention for?

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So "swirling drown noise" every clutch is normal? Should a 5 speed from USA sound different from a 4 speed from here?


Okay. strange if 1,2L is max cap (is it?) until it runs out, i fill 1,5L and it still doesn't run out? well okay, need a few spoons more with oil.

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Strange. The filler plug is the one with 14mm square head.


Did you fit an old clutch with the USA gearbox? Or a new Europe clutch?

Well i disconneted the old clutch mounted on the USA box because rubber was weared off, and installed the box on the car, before i removed the 4 speed box i screw off the clutch and let it hang, i just conntected that clutch on the US box since it was allready installed and didnt need any venting. Is there any difference?


My original 4 speed clutch is on the 5 speed because it was in much better condition, it looks the same and works the same from my perspective...

The noice i hear every time clutching is soooooo anoying... "swirling drowning" sound. can't be the clutch release bearing...?

Well the 5 speed box performed very good, just like the 4 speed, it turns smooth and acts quick.

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Clutch is same Europe/North America/Japan


Swishing sound is quite common, but not very loud. It may be a dry pilot bearing (spigot bushing). It needs oil not grease.


Clutch slave cylinder





Well the transmission was completely cleaned up, so maby its dry some places. Is there any outside parts or anything that must be oiled/greased?

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Inside the red circle? English isn't at the "Strongest"...

I fear i gotta uninstall the whole thing again......

oh gawd, it was an assjob to get that thing out with the max lift of half meter...

I was laying so tight under the car that i gotta "worm" myself out on my back with the trans on my top...



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Pilot bushing. Will make noise if not greased, when clutch pedal pushed down and engine running. Does not spin while driving so no noise.



The Nissan Factory Service Manual says: "Clean the clutch pilot bushing, and fill it with multi-purpose grease."


Use a lithium based grease with molybdenum disulphide. Also, apply lightly to the input shaft (tip and splines) when installing the transmission.



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Oh thanks alot, that might solve my problem, i will look it up.


My mate with Approved Automobile mechanic sertificate, says that i must NOT do this, because it ruins the whole clutch and system, if not dry.

I strongly dissagree with him, and i think you got the right answer, but can't argue with him because of that stupid certificate, he works with trucks...


Hope this works.

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never oil/grease clutch discs that right as you sad, but he says its a nono to grease/oil the bushing/release too...

Is he really competent? he only work with scania trucks as told... for me your explenation sounds logic.

Running it complete dry maby with only trans oil isn't enough from my view.

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