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More Bass!!!!

Jason Wright

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You can make an enclosure cheaper (definitely better quality) and larger than pre made ones.


Be sure your seat is where you want it and make some measurements from the passenger side. Allow for the seat belt retractors. The sums for my 620 kc were sloping at the front to follow the back of the seat, vertical against the rear wall, wide enough side to side to fit between the floor hump and the seat belt retractors, about 5" front to back on top and about 13" front to back on the bottoms to fit a 10" sub. I set all four corners off the floor by 2 " by attaching blocks of wood. This allows the speaker to fire downward and can't be seen or damaged. You can even stack groceries on top. Covered everything but the bottom with grill cloth. I think 1.5 cu. ft. volume each, but I forget


The 720 has even more room back there so get at er. Sheet of 3/4" plywood, grill cloth, screws and glue... maybe $60

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