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I assume the KA that you are swapping into the 720 is from a S13 (240sx)?????? If so... yes the throttle position sensor

22620-35F00 (manual transmission) and

22620-45V00 (automatic transmission)


MAF 22680-40F00 are identical to those on the '90 and up Stanza. (who would have thunk it?).

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Can't say it is a direct fit but if KC to KC or long wheelbase to long wheelbase it probably would be easy enough.to make it fit.


^^^ thank you again datsunmike your knowledge is astounding. im swapping in a hardbody KA but with the s13 intake manifold so what I gathered from you these sensors should work.


In this case it was knowing where to look for the answer. The D-21 uses a throttle body that combines the MAF and TPS

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