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Rocker arm #'s


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I have searched and not finding info. Mabe some one can offer link. I am starting to gather parts for future LZ build. The rocker arms I have are cast numbers of s-25 and s-23. A mixed set. Can these be used together or are they different sizes. They look the same to me.

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All L series rockers (or cam followers) L4 or L6 engines are the same. They are not all cast from the same mold, it would have taken too long. Instead, many many molds are used and likely numbered so they can be identified if later a flaw is discovered.


There are 26 letters and 99 double digits for over 2500 possible molds.

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There are no dumb questions. There is... dumb enough to not ask one.



Get some 1,500 grade wet sandpaper and a small sheet of glass that will fit in the sink. Wet, and draw the rocker pad over the wet paper and a rocking motion. This will mostly polish any microscopic imperfections from cam scuffing. It should come out as a smooth shiny surface. If any visible marks try another rocker.

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Bought some NOS....




Did a wipe pattern just to determine (ballpark) what lash pad size(s) I would need.

Said fuck it....'sold' them for a K14 intake.

Buffed some original ones out instead.



There was no difference in lash pad thickness needed

No measured/visual wear on the 491 lift cam sporting Motorsport springs rated @280lbs..............yet.


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I am redressing mine now that I know they are useable. Thinking of knocking down the casting marks. Probably no good from it but I do like clean parts. Oh and yes I will be sure to scale them to be sure they don't fall way out of range from one an other.

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