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need some help


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So i have a 84 720 4x4 with the Z24 motor. It came with a weber 32/36 that i just rebuilt and 15 minutes ago put it on my truck and it wont stay running unless the carb choke is shut all the way. I adjusted my floats to 35mm and 51mm and it sounds like the primary side of the carb is spitting gas. Im new to this carb stuff and any help would be gratefully appreciated. My timing is also advanced to 12* BTDC which i read is best for webers if im wrong someone let me know

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ok guys... so dont laugh at this too much but my idle air jets were closed (put new O rings and forgot to open them back up) so it wouldn't idle unless choked. Once i opened those up she runs beautiful but still have some fine tuning cause it bogs down a little bit when really getting on it. Im gonna get a jet kit and re jet it next

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ya its running pretty good but im thinking im gonna bring the timing back down. My motor is completely rebuilt .040 over with all new piston,rings,rods and bearings and seals and i would hate to mess it up over the timing being too advanced. Do you know how much your idle air jets are supposed to be turned out? I have mine out 1 full turn so far

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carbjetnumbered.jpg1 is Pump Delivery Valve Assy 

2 is primary air corrector jet and primary emulsioning tube 
3 is secondary Air corrector jet and secondary emulsioning tube 
4 is idle jet holder 
4b is primary idle jet 
5 is idle jet holder 
5b secondary idle jet 
6 is primary main jet 
7 is secondary main jet


this is like my carb and mine are adjustable

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