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DCH340 Variations?


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I'm currently rebuilding a DCH340, but the parts sheet I got with the carb kit shows a blow-up of a different carburetor than mine, even though it's labeled as for a DCH340. After searching thoroughly with Google, It seems as though there are 2 different carbs that people are calling DCH340's. They are both found on L20b's, which is where I pulled mine from.


Here is one variation(not mine):




And here is the other(the one I have):





Does anybody have any insight on this?


I'm also having trouble finding jet sizes for my carb.. wanting to make sure they're correct. Thanks!

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Jet sizes changed for year to year, auto/standard, California/federal and the emission standards ... you name it. Very generally primary was 99 or 100 and secondary was 150-160. This will run but may be ever so slightly lean or rich favoring economy or performance. You would need a dyno and a wide band to tell the difference.

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