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FS: 280z 5spd

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Here's some help identifying that 280 tranny:







Each type has it's advantages/disadvantages.


If you want a monster over drive 5th gear then the '81-'83 is a good choice. It has a higher first gear so just a very, very small extra effort on take offs but a lot less RPM drop between shifts which would benefit racing or auto-X-ing where you don't stop anyway. This over drive is a bit much for motors under an L20B, specially driving into the wind or climbing small hills... not saying you can't use it, just an opinion. This tranny would be an excellent choice for lowering cruise RPMs if you already have a 4.11 or a 4.375 rear end in your car. Bottom 4 gears for performance, top gear for economy.


The early '77-'80 type would benefit in town driving with it's lower 1st gear take offs and other gears a bit more spread out so you aren't constantly changing them. There would be much less RPM drop going into 5th, and easier for the motor to climb small hills with out down shifting into 4th. Good for smaller motors.


The differences are slight but noticeable. Both trannys will work on any size L 4 banger it just depends on what you want out of it.

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