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re-indexed torsion bars...?


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So, after bar-hopping the 620 with two other dudes in the cab, I needed to pull (and re-bend:(:mad:) my torsion bar supports, since I started to get "curious" as to how safe it was driving on bottomed-out shocks (and disconnected suspension). :D I thought I'd see how long I could get away with just loosening the bolts- And it turns out it wasn't that long.


So it's all re-indexed up and outta the way, but my truck is sitting like 3-4 (5-6) inches higher than before. It looks silly with the tiny wheels I've got! I think now I've over-tightened the torsion-bar bolts, but I plan on mounting pinto shocks and if the bolts pop-out again I think I'll be done for...? But perhaps the only reason they "popped" the 1st time is cause they were hanging too low...?


Anyways, I guess my question is after the bars are re-indexed, how worried should a guy be about the bolts breaking loose again...??:mellow:



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