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Naps z 720 alt swap help


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Hey guys I bought a 1986 Nissan 720 last night and the alt is going and here some one a vg33 alt will work. I grab one at JY today and its close but I'm having issue with the pully size. On the 720 the pully is a 2 pieces when I move it over the bolt to short? There is vg30s vg33s and a ka24de at the JY here no 720 what do I need to complete the swap.


Thanks batsun

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I did one similar onto my 710. The pulley fits but you run out of bolt thread...




The nut has a shoulder on it like a washer which further reduces the threads that can reach it.



I ended up getting another nut, slicing it in half with a hacksaw, tightened it on about 4 threads, and a very small tack from my mig welder.

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Does anyone know where to get a wiring diagram for the alt from a 1986 720 naps z24 to 1998 frontier ka24de

On the 720 color are white an white blue and frontier color are yellow black an green black


Thanks batsun

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The saturn alt is huge! At least the one I have is.


Icoblue tried with so many different mounts to get the thing to fit on a 620.

He traded me a set of 521 bumperettes for it.

After months he gave me back the alt and a handful of obscenities.


He ended up just halfway swapping a KA DE in instead.

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