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help with my 1974 datsun 610 swap

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I have a 1974 datsun 610 and i want to swap it with a sr20det but i heard something about needing new fuel lines and a couple other things. I want to know how big of a mess im getting into before i start.


I think you are in over your head already. Research, research, research then come and ask specific questions not covered.


Look up the following and keep notes so you can add to and refer to later....


Fuel return line

High pressure fuel pump for EFI

FS5W71C transmission for SR20 motor.

Drive shaft shortening

Oil pan/cross member mods to fit SR into a 610

SR and sway bar interference?

EFI wiring.... stock ECU or stand alone?

Custom rad and inter cooler?




Swapping an SR into a 610 with triple + the RWHP is foolhardy without addressing the 40 year old brakes and squishy suspension. We've come a long way since that car was new.


Look up 280zx strut swap with larger calipers and vented rotors.

15/16" master cylinder

Cutting stock 610 coils springs on front to lower and increase the spring rate.

Swapping Dodge D-50 front coil springs into the back of the 610 to lower and increase the spring rate.

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