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411 "Yuasa" looking battery


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I can't find the original request [it was posted in the wrong section], but someone wanted an original or original looking factory YUASA battery for a show car RL411.  Although Sears now [for the moment] list type 52 batteries, they look like Sears batteries.  Peerless Auto Parts in [probably] Lawndale CA [the towns and cities run very close and have irregular boundaries] carries black cased type 52 batteries!  The logo is on the side that faces the fender when installed to meet the factory cables.  A little careful cutting of a stencil and a little red spray paint would produce a quasi "YUASA" logo on the visible side.  If you want to go a step further, black spray paint is cheap.  Who looks on the fender side anyway [except judges with white gloves].

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