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clutch size for my S30Z. Any way to tell which one?


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I'm about to have the trans replaced in my late 260Z, and wanted to replace the clutch and related parts all at the same time.


The car underwent a motor swap at some point because it's a 2.8L, not the 2.6L the 260's came with.


According to Exedy, the 2.4 and 2.6L came with a 225mm clutch, and the 2.8 with a 240mm clutch.


How likely is it that I have a 240mm clutch? Can I safely assume that it has a 240mm? Or is there a possibility that it has a 225mm from the old engine?


And I should be clear, the trans is still in the car, it's still drivable so I can't measure it!


Any insight is greatly appreciated, thanks!

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It could be either.  280Zs and ZX's did use the 225mm clutch.  2+2 versions used the 240mm clutch.  No way to know without opening it up, unless you know what the engine came with AND know the flywheel matched.




In addition the 280zx turbo's used the 240mm setup whether it be 2+2 or coupe (1982-1983) for when you're ordering parts in the future (just for reference mostly).


Fastest way to tell is a visual inspection on the pressure plate mounting bolts ...after the trans is pulled...

--- 9-bolts mounting the clutch pressure plate to flywheel = 240mm (in groups of 3-bolts per location on the flywheel))

--- 6-bolts mounting the clutch pressure plate to flywheel = 225mm. (in groups of 2-bolts per location on the flywheel)

--- 8 7/8" clutch disc surface (or flywheel) = 225mm

--- 9.5" clutch disc surface (or flywheel) = 240mm


You're never safe to assume anything when it comes to clutches :)


Make sure you clutch collar , bearing , and pressure plate all match as a set whichever you route you choose/your technician installs for you.


Good luck.

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EDIT: ... this sounds absolutely nuts ...

I can't type everything because I gotta eat and bounce soon.


( I may get knocked for saying this lol )


IF you.. or your tech knows what you're both looking at/for...

---I've never tried this ,... but you might be able to take off your starter ....

Mark the flywheel with yellow paint at a reference....

and use a very small inspection mirror to count the bolt head's rotating ... (again I have no clue since I've never tried it).

Very SLOWLY... rotate the engine...


You'd only need to identify a group of 3-bolts ... and that'll verify the setup ... of course I WOULD count them all to make sure if this is possible.

that is "IF" this is possible or you can see/count the bolts ,etc ...


Front crank bolt is a 27mm DEEP socket.



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I was afraid of this, but figured it would be the case!

I like nutty ideas, and counting the pressure plate bolts through the starter hole might just be an option.  I discussed this with a fellow Datto enthusiast and he said it might just work.  So we'll see, if not I guess I'll have to pull the trans after all.

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Just an update on this.

I removed the starter in order to try DTP's idea.

I reached behind the flywheel until I found the location of 1 pressure plate bolt.  I marked its location on the flywheel.

I spun the crank bolt slowly with one hand with a ratchet, while keeping my hand around the flywheel.  Every time a bolt came up, I marked it.  I repeated this process until I came back to my first mark.  I counted 6 bolts.  I checked it again just to be sure, and ended up with 6.


May not be a precise way, but hey...it seems to have worked, and eliminated the larger 9 bolt setup!  And no mirror or inspection cam necessary.  Just removal of the starter and the fan assembly to access the crank bolt.


Like I said, I like nutty ideas!

Thanks guys!

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That's great news Jun , and glad it worked out for you.

ahhh !! ... I had been wondering if one really needed a mirror or not for inspection after I posted that :lol: (trying to cover bases I guess).

It's good to know "no" is the case !


Yup welcome .. thanks for the feedback Jun (always good).


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