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280z wanting to shut off once hot

Joey J

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Ok so the other day I had a fuel leak and removed the fuel pump to replace the hoses. One of the hoses burst.

Today I started the car to make sure everything was running fine before I changed the spark plugs, they look old.


The car is idling just fine and then it starts to turn off on its own. Giving it some gas keeps it on.


I'm also a little low on coolant from a leak. Do these cars have an auto shut off if it gets too hot??? The temp gauge in the car read a little above aberage but not by much. It was reading arround 180-190F


Thanks in advance for any help. It's very much appreciated!

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Also when i was installing new injectors a week ago i broke this by mistake and cant connect the vacuum line to it (I tried to glue the plastic back on so i can connect the vacuum line but it didnt work out, what is this part called so i can replace it). Could that be the culprit? The car ran fine for a week till the fuel line burst. 


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That's a TVV; Thermal (or Thermo) Vacuum Valve. When it gets hot enough from the engine temp, it opens the valve to let whatevers hooked up to it (EGR sustem, I think) receive vacuum. My guess is once the engine gets hot and the valve opens, it lets air in that's not supposed to be there, causing it to die. You could always check this by plugging the hole with something and see if that helps.

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Hmmm thanks oldschool90. Ill give that a shot.


Earlier today I was driving the car and it had the same problem. It wanted to give out so I pushed on the gas pedal and drove the car rough and at the next light it idled just fine. I thought problem solved, maybe it was a air bubble stuck in the fuel pump lines I had just replaced.


I drove the car an hour later, drove for 10 mins or so and it shut off on me at a light. I got to where I had to be and left 15 mins later and the car had a rough idle upon start up. Started driving and it smoothed out its still trying to turn off on me when I'm idling.


I'm gonna try blocking off the tvv when I get home and see what happens. Ill keep you all posted.


Any other suggestions??

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