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  1. I do have the room, but I don't think he'll let it go for that though. Sounds like it's got some sentimental value to him. We'll see. Besides, I'd probably try to fix it if I got it anyway.
  2. Thanks for the replies. I figured it wouldn't be worth much. I have no idea where in the hell he got $4k from. gess I'll keep looking. There was another one driving around here, haven't seen it recently though. I'll have to see if I can hunt him down.
  3. Hey all, just dropping in to say that I've got a chance to buy an 82 4X4 720. Problem is, the guy doesn't want to make me an offer, he wants me to make him an offer. I don't know how much it's worth. The one pic I've got for now, I'll get more tomorrow: The good: recently rebuilt motor (z22, unknown miles) has new carb new radiator body is in fairly decent condition. No major rusting (all surface rust where there is rust, as far as I can tell) or dents besides what looks like a fender bender on the front lower drivers side runs (apparently) has camper shell has light bar that sits right behind cab king cab The bad: front axles seem to have some side to side play in them, and couldn't seem to find new ones in the 20 mins of searching I did needs 4 new tires needs shocks needs rear leaf springs. Totally flat, if not starting to bend the other way 4WD shift handle missing a few things needed to be reinstalled in engine bay (rad, fuel lines etc.) unknown state of registration. Tags expired in 2000, unknown if it was put on non-op, or if it's racking up back-reg fees what looks like a fender bender on the front lower drivers side interior looks pretty worn will need to be smogged (in CA) I was talking to the guy, it's been in his family since new, but he now has no time to work on it, or a place to put it to work on it. He tried selling it a 'few' years ago for $4000 :blink: (may have been in better condition?), but obviously that didn't work out for him. I took a look at it after work today, won't be able to start it up without doing some work on it (rad & fuel lines disconnected, fuel in unknown state etc.) I really want a Datsun 4X4, and hopefully I can take this off the guys hands for a good price. Any ideas on what it's worth?
  4. I've "made" my own by cutting the back housing to fit the oval led tail lights in my 720. They're pretty bright. Recently, I've been trying to make my own, but I don't really have time at the moment, or the required circuitry knowledge to make a decent working PWM circuit to drive them.
  5. Hey guys, got it running. Rotor ended up pointing at about 2 o'clock for #1 and the order was 1-5-3-6-2-4, A-C. She's nothing special, but if anyone's interested, I can get a vid of her running. Sorry to tell you, it's actually a Komatsu lift (unless Komatsu=Nissan?). I posted here because it's Nissan powered. The part number is in that pic (39s-v4). There's no other numbers as far as I can tell, but I'll double check, and those wires go straight to the coil.
  6. I still need to figure out where the rotor points to at TDC.
  7. So I got the wires hooked up today in 1-5-3-6-2-4 order lined up to what I thought was TDC, but no go. Then the damn starter died. (It was already on it's way out, this was the final straw I guess) Yay. <_< I'll have to do this tomorrow. It'd be nicer if it was an l28 or something that has more parts availability. I see nothing wrong with it. Thanks, I found this right before work. Unfortunately, I don't know where TDC is on the dist. I can't get to the front of the motor very easily and fine tuning crank positioning is gonna be a bitch. I'm not sure yet how I'm gonna get things lined up yet. I can't get to the front of the motor very easily and I'm pretty sure that even if the markings on the pulley are clean, theres just too much other shit in the way to see it, and fine tuning crank positioning is gonna be a bitch.
  8. Hey all, got myself in a bit of a predicament. I've got this forklift at work (we call her Big Alice, because she's got a big ass) and I was giving her a tuneup, and I forgot to mark the plug wires before I took the cap off. Now normally I would have switched them over to the new cap, but I had to take it into Carquest to find a new one. I've tried hooking it up per the l28 motors, but either the rotor at TDC is pointing somewhere else, or the firing order is different. I was hoping someone on here would recognize the motor and be able to help. Pics: This is Big Alice. Truck on the right for reference: Motor pics: Water pump: Under the cap:
  9. Maybe something like an EDIS setup? No dizzy needed.
  10. oldschool90

    oil psi sensor

    Make something like this out of an old/broken/cheap 14mm wrench (just the open end): and make sure you disconnect the battery or you'll short out the wrench to the starter hot wire.
  11. Don't know how the front got cut off, but whatever.
  12. Well, it's good your motor survived. Mine didn't. :crying:
  13. Similar situation with my Eclipse. Timing belt slipped getting on the freeway, car takes half a shit, barely running. Pull over, takes the rest of the shit and wont start back up. Took it to my mechanic and he said he couldn't turn the crank without hitting something. He's gonna put the new belt on Monday, praying for a miracle, but if not, I'm screwed.
  14. Fuck timing belts, especially in wrong wheel drive cars.

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      Busta Nut

      Depends on the car... Toyota V6...Easy Money

      Mitsu VR4....Nightmare

    4. oldschool90


      4g eclipse v6, and it's my car, so no monies to be made :(

  15. Got a few things done today. Small bit of rust to fix Noticed this while taking stuff apart, thought it was neat. Next steps are to power wash bay and prep for paint. Also need to do some wire cleanup.
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