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Z24 carburator solenoid help


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Hi.  I'm back again asking the forum for some help.  I wrote before about my 83 carb problem and got some useful help from members.  I finally ordered a rebuilt carb and had my mechanic install it.  He ran into problems tuning it in.  Long story short, I had to drive 3 hours to the carb exchange in El Monte, Ca this morning.  (great people).   They checked it out and said it wasn't getting electric into the main carb solenoid.  I've checked all the wires and plug for breakage, but found none.   The carb exchange suggested I take it to a auto electric shop.  I have an appointment this Friday. 

I need to know what the description is of the computer that provides the electric to the solenoid.  The electric guy said it could be my computer and would need to have it replaced or rebuilt.  Can anyone provide me some info that I can research prior to my Friday appointment.  Availability of computer and if need to rebuild, who can I send it to.   Just want to be ahead of the game.  

The carb people removed the solenoid and it runs great now.  Idles smooth.  They said it is not a permanent fix and I should eventually have it re-installed.  Anyhow, thought I would run this past you guys to see what you think.  Thanks in advance.

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If you have an O2 sensor in the exhaust manifold then this is a feedback carb by the sound of it.


A very common problem with them is that Nissan cut corners to save money on wiring and should have used longer wires on the round plug at the back of the carb. It's common occurrence for the wire(s) to break inside the insulation from repeated bending.


Have these checked for continuity but remember that it can be intermittent and may work for a test, Try moving the wires around while testing them.

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