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My latest project; '79 HLA510 4 door, 4 speed, L20 :D


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UPDATE! Pics! icon_smile.gif

Alright guys here are a few pics of my HLA10; 4 door. Please don't be too harsh, I really see the potential here! icon_biggrin.gif
I think the the worst parts of this car are the driver fender, dent on the hood, and the heavily damaged dash cap.
I have found a donor car for those parts though... and I need to come up with a creative way to make a neat replacement for the shift boot.



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Went to a local wrecking yard and picked up a *mint* dash pad! sweet!


also found a nice, clean front lip from a 1980's Volvo 240 DL ... took about 35 mins to install. (I will post a write up on how to make one fit later!) 


And to come up with a neat shift boot and shift knob??


Just so happens a had a Redhook ESB tap (my favorite beer!) and an old red plaid jacket.


Today I'm fashioning up a bitchin' plaid shift boot and ESB knob! ...as you can see above in pic, I'm fairly certain that I was using the original boot. gross.


After I'm finished all take some pics and share!

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Thanks guys. Working on gettin' everything in order. It's hard to focus on WANTS and NEEDS! Lol!


As of right now, with a a quick once over, I'm in dire need of tie rods! I'm in the danger zone!


After that.... Lowering time!


Will keep everyone posted.

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Zip ties my friend! Zip ties! I did it where it doesn't look too bad. i see we live in the same area. i'll give you a hand if you want to make one. or come stop by one day and take a look.

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I know I'll get flamed for doing mine like the banner car here on ratsun but i want a neat paint job that will get attention ... i had seen that bmw a while back online and thought that thing was wicked! i'll add my touch here and there. hopefully done by next week. finished base coat of green today. pics tomorrow. starting stencil on mouth, teeth and tongue tomorrow as well.


lets hope for the best  :rofl:

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Finally painted the headlights amber and started on the base coat of army green. Raining lately here in Tacoma so that's put an end to out-door painting. Finally fixed the garage door so it's getting parked in there for a while while i strip it and begin getting serious!


btw, the very best way to paint your high beams amber is with a model paint that i've found....


Tamiya TS-73 Clear Orange. So good it's unreal!

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Began KA24DE swap. a fe pics for now!


Just to let everyone know. YES. KA24DE will 100% bolt right in. ZERO mods are necessary to engine bay to make it fit. Note that this had a 4spd/L20 originally. Z20 series A10's will also bolt right in. 


Note: Must use 240sx Mounts / brackets. 



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small update....


almost done with the KA swap! Got it wired up by creating my own wiring box. I call it "Nis/Dat Hotbox" (For those interested i can make one for you too!)


my box, photo shopped with some sticker / label ideas.


I said box  :rofl:


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