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Mystery Defroster switch - Can anyone ID this thing?


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I somehow wound up with this switch in my parts bin, and I'd like to find another one for a project - can anyone tell me what Datsun this originally came from so I can use the info to track down another? (or if you have one of these  - let me know)




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The switch says Niles Type D, 863Y - it has the green fiber-optic knob and everything - I'm kinda surprised that it isn't a Datsun, but it makes sense that Niles supplied switches to some other manufacturers in Japan. 


...so Niles is the Lucas of Japan? Only with less darkness?

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Only saying I couldn't find anything. Rear defrost is usually an option in the states and pretty much standard equipment up here. Niles is way ahead of Lucas.


Yeah - I can understand that a defroster comes in pretty handy in Canada - kinda like when I see a car for sale in Mexico that never had a heater installed, only the opposite!


I really like this style of switch. The lighting is really unique and interesting (and not terribly legible. ...but sort of spooky,) and the clicks feel nice. I just tracked down a hazard switch, so now I can start finding a way to fit these into the 710.

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