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Question on redoing 280z leather interior

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I recovered my dash pad with fabric and itcame out nice.what I did was get some fabric that I liked contact cement and some super glue use the heat gun to help make it pliable. Start at the top and work around. Stay away from gel glue it will look bad where it dries use the liquid kind

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the "leather" that covers the rear is not leather its plastic/vinyl


do do a leather dash correctly you will need an industrial sewing machine. the dash will have to be molded and sewn together, then you will have to fill the cracks on your dash, so that the leather lays propperly on your dashboard. Leather dashes are A whole lot of work. but they look amazing. all the R34 GTRs sold in the UK got a full on Leather clad stitched dashboard, it added a few grand to the price tag.

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So it has to be done custom? I'm not doing the dash just the trunk area in my 280z. I was hoping there was a pre molded kit.

An option which I used to reupholster the bucket seats on my RL411. Check "Adult Education" upholstery classes in a junior college, high school remedial classes, or even "Regional Occupational Center" [as they are called in California] Class listings. These classes are usually run by regional upholsterers [sometimes retired, and the best] and can offer expert advice, industrial sewing machines in the class, and discounts at reliable aftermarket upholstery material suppliers.

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