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Datsun 411, was it worth it?


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I bought a Datsun 411 in Tijuana. Seems ok but non of the dashboard light work and seems to have nothing original but the body. Seems it used to be automatic and swapped with a different tranny. Im not so sure if its a real Datsun engine. Is it still worth something? I know a few things for sure, its National, missing too many parts, fast, and feels hollow. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fKu0LcaqBfM


heres a little video of it.


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I cant say if it was worth it since we dont know what you paid, but it looks like you scored a decent 411. Body is in great shape, what I saw of the dash looked nice, and the engine sounds nice. It is an original Datsun engine and it sounds good. 


You could easily turn that into a fantastic car. Was this the car that was just on Craigslist?

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Well would have liked it if it was all stock. But there are always circumstances that won't allow it. But I wanted a 510, but they are expensive and an sometimes too modified. So I decided to get this little guy since I had the money and its good for family and friends, since its a 4 door. I'm not a mechanic type of guy, but I really like the old styles. My friends say I like ugly cars but I will keep on liking them.


So, while I'm in school I'll fix it up. Lets see how far I get.

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