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Maaaachine work recomendations

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Been going thru the same place for years but lately turnaround and prices have been an issue...  Blew a headgasket on the 85 720 with the 8 plug z... at 233,000 miles were gonna go top to bottom and rebuild it as a father son project... 


Does anyone have any recommendations for flow testing and possible machine work and completely rebuilding the head in Kitsap county washington??  


And any recommendations for a   direction for any performance upgrades aside from a weber... don't want to buy poop, want the good stuff!


Definitely want the head rebuilt completely block hot tanked  and a little more zip would be swell!



any actual turbo options for that motor?? 



back to the garage to finnish pulling the motor!~ 


thanks in advance look foward to the suggestions

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The NAPS head has serious breathing problems. It was designed for low rpm (like under 4,500) and no amount of porting will fix this. Cams are limited because the valves will touch with too much lift. It's still a great motor with lots of torque just not designed to be improved on by enthusiasts.


The stock carb is a bit small so a 32/36 or a 38/38 weber is good.


Someone on here adapted a KA24E turbo exhaust manifold to fit the Z24 head. A passable job actually.

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Got the 32/36, and love it... So meybe a header and well call it good then....nothing crazy but i like reliable.... As long as it flows n goes.... As far as master rebuild kits , any recomendations? Is one better than the other? i was looking at a redline complete master rebuild kit pistons rings n gaskets or should i jus buy thru my local parts guys?

Im rebuilding an 84 and an 85 both have the same motor...


Ill see if i can find the turbo Ka24e exhaust headerwork up.... That sounds cool!


Thanks for the input datzenmike!

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I read on another forum somewhere but the guy turbo'ed his Z24 and was blowing head gaskets like crazy. So he took it off. Just thought you should keep that in mind.


You might be able to find someone who can replicate the fiber gasket into a copper or multi-layer steel gasket.

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