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Voltage regulator, Idle, and Carburetor help :/


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Ok so I have a few questions:


1. My car is idling weird. After the 5 speed swap, my car has been idling (most of the time) at 2,000 RPM. But sometimes it idles at 1,000-1,500 RPM.  I can't figure out what's up. I think it might be the choke which leads to my next question.


2. I swapped out the old externally regulated alternator with a new internal one. It's been running fine expect I don't know how to re-wire the voltage regulator. I looked on the forums and found out how to wire the 4 wires, but mine has 6. Anyone know which should be connected to which?



3. I was looking at the carbuetor (trying to figure out the idle) and then I noticed 2 things:

     - #1 is there supposed to be a bolt or something here?

     - #2 where does this hose go to?



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Join Yellow to White and White/Red stripe to White/Black stripe. Be sure to use solder and heat shrink tubing or lots of electrical tape. I cut the old regulator plug and join the wires on it, when t can simply be plugged into the harness.



 If your car is like mine, the electric choke relay will now be wired permanently ON. The fix is to disconnect the relay completely. To power the electric choke, go to the carb and join the choke heater wire (usually BLUE) to the idle cut solenoid wire (usually RED). This will give you choke heater when the ignition is on or in the run position.
This needs to be plugged with a small bolt or screw. It's the vacuum line that used to go to the auto transmission. It tells the transmission the amount of load on the motor. Heavy throttle = low vacuum.

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Remove and throw away. I guess I wasn't clear. The picture was to show the little barb that holds them in the plastic connector. For the other two pair you can leave them in place and solder together but you can't get the heat shrink tubing on.

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