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3 Point Retractable Belts


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So it is my (potentially incorrect) understanding that my 71 wagon should have come with shoulder belts but a lot of people took them out because the chances of getting their head sawed off by the belts seemed greater than slamming their face into the wheel. Anyway, I'm looking to put some more modern retractable 3 point belts in my wagon. After some fairly extensive searches, I have found a lot of links to universal harnesses, etc, but I'm interested in seeing what mods people have had to do to accommodate the belts. Anyone have pictures or input?

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Check out these in Carterb s blanco winter wagon build thread,,, kinda expensive but , you gotta pay to play..





Blanco didn't come from the PO with seatbelts.

I traded a local guy for a set and have been running them for a year. 



However, I have never felt completely safe in them as they are difficult to latch and un-latch too easy.  The last time I had one of my kids in the car I decided it was time for new belts.  I followed a local craigslist add for some *new datsun seat-belt kits* and it lead me to Z Specialties.  The kits are advertised for a Z car but Oliver (the owner) said they fit many datsuns.  So I placed an order and he shipped them right away.



Installation was super easy and took less than 30 minutes.  And just like that, I have modern, safe, retractable seat-belts in my car.




You can order the kit with a short connector on a belt or a stiff cable.  I got the stiff cable type but next time I'll probably ket the type with belt as the receiver doesn't sit at the right angle.



It should really sit like this:



It twists the belt a little when you make the connection but it's not bad I guess.


The diagram shows two lower connection points and includes hardware to mount in one of the open holes in the sill but I was able to use a single mounting point with a spacer washer between the retracter and the anchor. 



They look really nice installed and I will probably buy these for all my datsuns unless someone tells me andover.com or something else is better.



What do you think?



If you want a set, here is the cost and the contact info for Z Specialties (note - he apparently has dozens of z-cars and more parts than you can shake a t/c rod at)





two new comments on the seatbelts:

1)  Oliver at Z Specialties says he can modify the end of the cable so that the buckle sits at the correct angle.

2)  Kelvin used similar belts in his SR wagon and just moved the cable from the floor to the tranny tunnel (welding in a washer and nut for support) and that took care of the angle.  He also modified the rocker so that you don't use the same mounting point for both the lap and the shoulder.


I agree that something like this is a good idea.  The kit comes with giant washers and a nut which you can use in one of the open holes in the rocker as previously mentioned. I will likely take time to do this later.


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I looked into that, but the problem just looking at the "after" picture is the shoulder strap still ends up being a neck strap.  It's too high, it needs to cross the seatback, not the headrest.  I guess it's OK if you're an NBA All-Star but I'm 5'8".   Need some way to lower the belt angle- a longer upper anchor would be the ticket, I think.

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How are people mounting that shoulder part? Using the stock threaded bosses in the b-pillar? How so?


If that's the case, then yes an extension for the shoulder point is a must have. But carterb has mounted it to the roof...


LifelikeStatue, there is an option for no shoulder mounting point. I wonder if you could just pass the webbing through the bracket on the 510's b-pillar?

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