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Clutch problem (won't build pressure)

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Need help with clutch issue.

I've done many brakes and clutch replacement but this one just won't work at all.


-Clutch slave rod doesn't move, removed and replaced new one.

Old slave was frozen inside.

Still no pressure build from pumping the pedal despite of bleeding it.

Replaced Master cylinder with new one.

Bleed it again, still no pressure, slave rod barely moves.

I made sure fluid was topped and never empty.

No leaks anywhere from lines, rubber hose, master and slave.

Adjusted both rods on master and slave.

Used 2 bottles of DOT brake fluid from bleeding it.

Still no luck



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There have been a couple of clutch problem threads recently:






You might read through both those for ideas. If that doesn't help, try looking through the back pages of the Drivetrain category.


Since my recent clutch problem was due to no freeplay at the pedal, I have to ask if you have at least some freeplay when the pedal is depressed before it starts to move the master cylinder rod?



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