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It Lives!!!!!

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my 620 that is! tomorrow is going to be the big test for it. 80+ miles round trip. i hope it holds together. that would suck having to bring it home on a hook. wish me luck and hopefully someone will spot me between monroe and seattle.

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So far so good. I made it down and it kept 65-70 all the way. No problem. I really wish I had the 5spd though. But it kept its cool and I have to replace the oil pressure sensor again. All in all so far I am happy with how it ran.

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i need one. but i made it there and back no major issues. i do have a weird clicking noise now as i drive. dont know if it was there before or not. plus i keep smelling a burning smell. i think i may have thrashed my clutch a little. oh well. good test drive all in all.

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