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Valve seal replacement: know the ropes

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After reading datsunaholic's valve seal replacement story, and how compressed air is used to hold the valve in place so it won't drop into the cylinder, I have a simple tip that will spare you that stress. Also If you have been putting of changing your seals till the next time the head is off, or you don't have access to a compressor behind your apartment, try this:


I take the spark plug out and push a couple of feet of 3/8 yellow nylon rope down the cylinder and turn the crank (by hand wrench) on the compression stroke, until firmly seated. The rope is squished against the valves and holds them in place and you can leave it over night and finish up the next day even. When done, just reverse the crank a few inches and pull the rope out and on to the next.

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ford type umbrella seals? positive seal? all the ones i've seen look the same. are the umbrella style listed at the parts store or are they dealer or what? i have a few and they seem cheap but i dont know which style they are. i want to use the good ones that's why i'm asking.

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