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PL 410 wiring nightmare

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well this is what an engine compartment looks like after too many non-Datsun types (known often as idiots) offer to "help fix the car. Wires going everywhere. So, I started tracing wires and vacuum lines today.


First I had to cover up and use a wet vac to clean out the rat's nest. (dogs killed all the rats). It doesn't look like they chewed thur any wires. Then I used the compressor and blew out more debris.


I have to get the lights working again too, otherwise I really can't drive it.


It would be nice to get it looking like an original wiring harness should look like. I think I will blow up a schematic and tape it up.


Serioulsy looking for a PL 410 (positive ground E1 engine) if anyone knows of one, new or used. Has an aprox. 4.5 bolt pattern and solenoid towards the engine.


Yes, this is the car with the original engine and tranny with over 600,000 miles and still runs good. Time to change the oil again.


More pics as I make some progress...hope to get to the Greenwood Car show in Seattle this year again...got lots of attention when I took it 2 years ago.

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Wirubg does look bad !!!It just represents the type of people you hang out with!!!!!! But there isnt that many wires really needed on this thing to get it running.


Just got to tape it up so it looks cleaner!!!!!!!!YOU GOT ALL DAY!!!!!!!!


I still question the 600k miles


I had 2 motors , I took to Autosport in Seattle they had to rebore due to pistons out of spec and you got 600K miles?????????.


Man does E1 motors are better than L motors!!!!!!!!!

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