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SR aftermarket parts FS!

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I was gonna build a crazy SR for my wagon, but the amount of work to stop the body from twisting into a pretzel and the cost to build a rear end doesn't make sense for how I drive my wagon. I've settled on an N/A SR and maybe turning it into a high revving ITB'ed screamer later.

*Circuit Sports top mount turbo lines - $125
*HKS SSQV 4 blow off valve - $300
*Garrett GT2871R .64 a/r - $1200
*Tomei Poncams (S14) - $330
*Greddy S14 V.1 intake plenum - $550 ***Originally sand casted, started polishing it but got lazy.***

Everything is BRAND NEW, bought with the intent for use an S14 SR. The price is shipped from Honolulu, HI to the mainland US using the whatever is the cheapest shipping method. I'm willing to deal if you buy multiple parts!

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There's a bunch of SR'd Z's, tons of space in the engine bay.  For my Z though I'm on the fence of doing an RB swap or building a monster L.  That's not gonna be till after I SR the 510 though, so I've got a ton of time to think about it.

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