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I want to take pictures of your cars, and want you to give me money...

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I don't have money, but what I do have are a very particular set of skills...

I've been thinking about doing some freelance photography services in the automotive aspect, mostly for cool cars/project cars/something to with cars. I've been playing around with photography for years, but more so for the past five. I've fabricated some of my own equipment such as camera mounts, booms, and lighting.


Some booms I made for video, but also used for a rig shot.

And here's some of my work, beginning with when I only had a modified firmware point and shoot, to a full meal deal DSLR:




^^Blurry, my first outing with this lens


Got it right the second outing



Some Datsuns would be great to take artsy pictures of.  Do you guys think there is enough demand to be able to charge monies for a photoshoot??  I'm not a fancy pants huge ego photographer so I wouldn't want to charge exorbitantly, but there is a lot of time getting a shot setup as well as editing when doing light painting, HDR, and rig shots so I can't be dirt cheap either.


Or maybe I need to go back to the drawing board and practice more before I ask for monies??  Being able to do some cool looking shots of cool rides would be cool all by itself, but so would having a bit of side cash for more parts hoarding, camera equipment, and beer money.



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you might offer a few freebies to the first X number of ppl to jump up. then post them up here. when ppl see how your work makes their dattos shine, you would get people lined up. how much are you thinking of charging for a shoot? are you open for trades? datto parts for datto pix? we are all ratsun guys here... we are either broke or cheap! 

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Go big! I'm a contributing photographer for Surfing magazine and freelance for the other surf mags... My advice, and not that your asking for it, is to remove all the photos your post that are blurry and show only your absolute best work.....that 2nd to last photo is SWEEEET!!! :thumbup: My unsolicited advice is always free :fu: 

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Thanks for the insight.


I was thinking about not showing the blurry pics, but then I realized my pics are mostly the same angle lol.  When I become a big name photo guy, I'll be sure to keep those trials away from potential clients.


Good idea to find a Datsun to showcase as a start, I need to find someone with a Datsun that likes free stuff... hmmmm... where can I find one of those guys?!


P.S.  If you guys had Starion parts to trade for and to potentially hoard... that would daaaaaangerous for me lol.



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If it's about money, post on all the sites you can. Remember you are trying to find people who have money to spend on this kind of stuff. You will stay broke if you are only offering this here on Ratsun. Just sayin'...

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