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17th Annual East Coast Datsun 510 Meet - SPEC510


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I am excited to announce that the dates for the 

17th Annual East Coast Datsun 510 Meet - SPEC510 have been set.


For those that are new to our group, SPEC510 stands for: Summit Point East Coast 510. 

Welcome to all the new people that have written me and requested to be added to the email list. There were over 20 new requests this past year, so hopefully, there will be more new faces and more new cars at the event. 


So the dates are Friday May 17th - Sunday May 19th, 2013.


Mark your calendars and ask for time off from work. This is sure to be another great event.


I have updated the website with the dates and I will be updating more as I get more info. BTW, in keeping up with technology, our website is now set up for mobile users too. So if you have a smart phone, you can check out the website on it.


Check it out at www.eastcoastdatsun510.com



If you need info, or want to volunteer to help out, please get in touch with me.



Get those dimes ready and tell your friends and family that you have plans that weekend so no one

books you with a boring family reunion or something. 


Only 87 more days until SPEC510.


See you all there.


David Weitz

Event Coordinator


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I have been waiting for this since you and Lee harassed me about not going last year...still kicking myself in the butt about that.

I'm going this year, can't wait...well at least long enough to get my baby rolling again. 

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Yep, it is going to be great.


See the website and see you there.



 Time to dust off those dimes and get them ready to make the trek to Summit Point for the 17th Annual East Coast Datsun 510 Meet.
Friday May 17th - Sunday May 19th.
It is the 20th anniversary of the Jefferson 500 so Brian Redman has got some great racing in store for us too.
Looking forward to seeing all my old friends and making some new ones.
Info on the website or email me with any questions.
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Hey guys im new to the forum but saw this and got pretty excited bc this is the weekend we'll (AirCooled Racing)be down there for the Jefferson! Hope to see some of you guys and your cars, anyone racing in the event?

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Didn't take as many pictures as I wanted, spent more time talking with great individuals, but i'll post them up as soon as i get them loaded. 


i know there were others taking pics, hope they post them too.

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Had an awesome time checking out all the cars Saturday. I got a couple pics, not to many but I'll post em up. Feel free to introduce yourselves if i put a pic of your car up as I'm new on here  :thumbup: 

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Christine didn't bring her camera this year so she didn't get shots and my phone was off most of the time while we were here. She did get at least get one neat shot on her phone.


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