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Fuse box on 510

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I bought a new fuse box on EBAY and it is all the same except the one on my car has an extra wire that seems to have something to do with the headlights. If I put the new fuse box in and don't hook up the extra wire anywhere my low beams stay on even if the switch is turned off...


Any ideas???



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Unscrew the fuse box and lift it from the body of the car.

see if your lights go OUT then.


The way the 510 lights are, they are hooked up to the plus side of the battery already then a ground(Light switch to ON) is put on there to cause the element to come ON completing the circut.


So mayby a wire under the fusebox is touching ground and causeing the light to come ON,This is my 1st best guess


some fuseboxes(like the ones I have will have a Blue aircond wire that is not hooked up) this will be stashed under the fuse box also and make sure it not touching something!!!!!!!!!!



compare the 2 fuseboxes from the back side and make sure there is not jumper that needs to be cut or anything obvious

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