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I'm glad I went "To Canby"

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Actually had a great time. Got to spend it with the family. Got there about 10am on Sunday and left right after the awards and drawings. And boy did WE gets some stuff . My youngest daughter won a prize in the coloring contest and my oldest daughter won First prize for it. I won the first raffle drawing of the day and while walking towards the gate, I heard my name again and won some paper cut outs. So, if you were there, thats ME.


In bleach's picture gallery, pic number #27 shows Jason's yellow 620 and if you look right above the cab, you'll see me standing by my wife and kids.


Lots of great looking cars. My wife really enjoyed the 3 320 that were there. The 320 that I had was going to be hers. Now we both want a roadster and a I believe a 710 Wagon. It was great looking at the other cars and trucks that were parked over in the other section too. Its funny that every time a new vehicle came pulling in, everybody swarmed around it.


Now i'm looking forward in going to Blue Lake in August. Going to try and make it in my 620 and hopefully meet more of you guys. I got to talk with Jason (yellow620) alittle and he tried to show me a few of you, so maybe next time.



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im glad you had a good time. i know i did. for these shows, we need to make nametags for our ratsun screennames because i ended out only meeting a few of the ratsuners there. thats cool she liked the 320s, the black and red one is mklotzs on here and the white and red one is mine.

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