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Dat SLO run! Nov. 17 (Central Coast/San Luis Obispo Meet)


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O.D.D. and I are trying to get something goin on down here in SLO town. Any central coast ratsuners interested in meeting up somewhere in the am (9 or 10), taking a few oics, then heading out up hwy 1 until we decide to turn back? Thinking about Saturday the 17th its 2 weeks from now.



Some other cars might show up too so hopefully we can get a decent gathering together.


Plus I can print pictures off my camera as large as 20" x 30" without blurring....ratsun posters anyone? but that can only happen if we make this cruise happen

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Ok so here seems to be the plan thus far...


MEETUP 12noon @ The Wee Shack In Morro Bay. Lunch and Munch for 1hr while people show up.


Photo Time - 1pm (ish) @Morro rock lot....


Drivin' Starts 2pm (ish) 2 hours of driving with 1 hour of scheduled photo stops / Meetups. Ends in SLO @ 5pm or so...



Im getting route planning help from a 20 year Dimer and MB born SLO county native... be prepared for for a little of everything.

This is a photo/girlfriend/passenger friendly drive. SO BRING A FRIEND!


Non-Datsuns also invited! I am inviting local carclub buddies as well. My Friend Stephen will be coming with an incredibly well put together VW R32...

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Steven is willing to post some info on SLOcars... That should help round out some people... I have 2 Dimer buddies on the "I should make it" list.. Plus Greg in the KA wagon, you, and me... That makes at least 4 Datsuns.


Also got a firm "nope" from 3 other dimers.... :hmm:. People are either working on saturday, or churchin on sunday...cant seem to round up everyone all at once...


Meeting up with tues carclub tonight... hope that gets some more interest.

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Talked to my friend Leah @ Wee Shak today too... we are free to dominate their parking and their patio... parking is a little limited, but the burgers are totally worth it.

$8.07 for a FRESH made burger, FRESH cut fries (in-n-out style), and a Large drink.


Best freaking burger in SLO, Sylvesters being the only other real competition. (Firestone can suck it)


The nearby chevron is the most expensive gas in the county, so fill up before you show up, or pay the price... There may also be a chance to get gas on the way to Photos @ "the Rock"...


More trip details later this week...

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Route is as follows.... Covers a LOT of good N county driving, and presents ample photo opps!


Depart MB>

hwy1 N>

Old Creek Rd >

Hwy 46 E>

Vineyard Dr S/E >

El Pomar Dr E>

Cripple Creek Rd S >

Hwy 41 E > Hwy 229 S >

Hwy 58 E >

HuerHuero Rd E>

Las Pilitas Rd W >

Pozo Rd W >

hwy 58 W >

hwy 101 S >

= Arrive in SLO

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The day was interesting to say the least, unfortunately rain curtailed most of the photo opps.... didnt get to drive the whole route as planned.


I am hoping 570Z posts the pic of the 3 510s parked together where we had lunch... he was the only one toting camera equip, only 1 car had a passenger who could have even done any photo time while driving.


All told there were the 3 510s, a miata, and a VW R32 that were up to the challenge of back road rain-driving. Everybody else blew out over the weather (which wasnt exactly unwise of them). Sadly that incuded BOTH Evos... LAME!!! (awd wtf???)


Greg sold the Ladder-bar wagon he bought from the builder on this forum before we did the drive, so sadly that car was not with us... (would have been interesting to see a car with 0 rear sway driving back roads in the rain)


There will be another Central Coast fun-run on thanksgiving morning, for those of us who dont "go home" for the holiday. (college town)


That one will lead down Tepusquet canyon road and in a general loop around southern SLO and possibly northern SB counties.

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Yeah I didnt get to take a whole lotta pics. Rain/clouds fucked the lighting pretty significantly. also I was driving so I didn't get a chance to take a whole lot of shots. maybe next time I'll ride along with someone instead so I can take pics.


i'm uploading what I've got. and as dan mentioned it was interesting to say the least....I got a quick impromptu lesson in rally driving after a quick impromptu lesson in low grip driving.... at any rate I ended in the field next to the road :( But I didn't roll, there was no damage to the car, had to get a tire remounted that was all. Gotta check out my alignment though, seems like its pulling left now.


will post oics once they upload

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