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  1. This car is most likely going to be available for purchase in the next 90 days. Doubtful there are buyers lined up....but you never know.
  2. Not sure what I did that killed the pics. They were up for a long time.
  3. My next half baked idea is to get it registered in new Mexico and remove the smog setup for good. One more year until it faces smog again... so no real rushame there, but some extra he might help me get on the freeway at over 45mph
  4. Been my daily or a year now faithfully and almost entirely without issue. My turn signals have gone a bit nuts, but given the wiring...I am not the least bit surprised. Gotta get the rear end lowered, and I would like to get the chassis re-inforced where the rust may be weakening the uni body @ the firewall.
  5. Anyone that feels like dropping a beautiful rust free hood in my lap would be remembered in Bronze casting mounted to the garage wall....
  6. Still running well...no leaking from the radiator, getting a pusher fan mounted to the front is only even really needed for traffic situations. My shitty bodywork has re rusted after 18 mos of outdoor life a mile from the ocean. Nothing quite as badly as the hood...which I was warned would be unsavable.
  7. Alriiight! Parts car sold to a guy down south...who took his good sweet time getting it, but got it done. AND... THE WAGON IS SMOGGED, REGISTERED, AND RUNNING DAILY!!! Hooray for the rebirth... Its so stock and quiet I almost dont recognize it as mine. New tires, New exhaust (cheap generic quiet muffler), new engine, new radiator..... new front and rear shocks... swapped seats, swapped rims...and what is left of my rapidly re-rusting bodywork and paint... (i knew it would happen...) no pics at the moment, but I will get some up soon... Video if I can manage some. Cheers!
  8. also hard to see... I went to the silly extent of painting the aircleaner spring clamps gold. I think I have another can of gold paint.... which means I must need to paint more things gold. Its becoming something of a sick obsession... I tried painting the cat, he was pissed.
  9. a few more shots of the engine bay and mock mounted grille. next shot is pre - aircleaner funkification aircleaner, now with more FUNK!!! ONE MORE SHOT ...of the whole thing....
  10. So, I finally got my 2core aluminum 510 radiator in the mail. Plenty good for the price and application. It took a little homemade innovation to get it in. I made flanges to center it in the opening and re use some stock holes. The out of car pics are before I drilled the parts for the car side mounting. I had to pre assemble for a test fit, and took some pics.
  11. It appears that the parts car has sold for my $750 asking price on ebay. If I have any issues with the buyer. it may come around again, minus a lot of small pieces I now have interested buyers for.
  12. http://m.ebay.com/itm/171723955566?nav=SEARCH
  13. If anyone from this forum wants my parts car....come get it in the next 10 days and I will take $250... BUT you have to get in touch before there is a bid on eBay. (If that even happens...lol) mymotoxmail@gmail.com is the best for that. Cheers!
  14. http://i.ebayimg.com/00/s/MTE4N1gxNjAw/z/Ec0AAOSw34FVCPWM/$_3.JPG Up for sale is my 710 parts car!
  15. Hello folks.... Selling my 710 sedan parts car... I put it up on ebay, if someone here wants it first ... get back to me asap 805-550-7640 Cheers! http://www.ebay.com/itm/Datsun-Other-base-1975-datsun-710-2-door-sedan-/171723955566?forcerrptr=true&hash=item27fb8b9d6e&item=171723955566&pt=US_Cars_Trucks
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